Tuesday, 21 February 2012

"When I'm lost I feel so very found"

I came across Mindy Gledhill right when I needed to. Those Mormons certainly know something! All of those I have come across (admittedly on the web and therefore not scientific and probably ‘ist’ in some way!) seem so positive, grounded and willing to try. Ms Gledhill appears to be no exception; she even goes on stage and performs with a baby strapped to her. At that stage of Mothering I was lucky to brush my hair! She is inspirational and her music is even more so. Some might write it off as ‘perky’ for want of a better word. I find it very life affirming. I dance around a lot at home with only the washing pile and my daughter for company and find these songs excellent fodder for this behaviour. 

I have a tendency towards the melancholy, I can often spend days in shades of grey and, occasionally, black. I find music can greatly influence my ability to change my mood, for better or worse, and Mindy Gledhill most definitely falls into the category of ‘Happy’. Her music and lyrics are uplifting. The more I listen to her album ‘Anchor’ the more I find in it to identify with. I think you might like it too.

Just a piece of advice - if you are going to dance around the living room to this whilst your daughter is eating her lunch in order to make her laugh and bring a little joy? Make sure you have the blinds closed as you may not want your entire neighbourhood to see your groovy moves....

* Title is a lyric from Mindy Gledhill's 'Anchor'.
** My husband is a master pancake maker, I am hopeing he will be on duty after work this evening. I am a fan of maple syrup, what do you like on yours?


  1. Thanks for sharing this lovley, happy, folksy music! How did i never hear of her? Anchor song is beautiful. And the video of Whole Wide World - it would be so cool if that happened when I go running.
    Pancakes - old school! - sugar and lemon juice!


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