Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring Fete Recipes

This Saturday the church we attend had it's spring fete. It's a lovely affair, people of all ages and walks of life offering time or spending their hard earned cash. We came away with a stash of cake, a pink Geranium, some Mint to plant in the garden, a small jug for flowers and a new Eric Carle illustrated book. We did well!

Our contribution was 24 Red Velvet cupcakes and a lemon drizzle loaf cake. When we arrived there was already two trestles groaning under the weight of cake and preserves - no need to worry there wouldn't be enough! They were struggling to find a place to put our cakes and the ones still coming!

I am afraid I have no idea where I got the superb lemon drizzle recipe - I have a tendency to take recipes from magazines and use them to death. This one has been so popular I have passed it on far and wide. I love a recipe that is non nonsense and works every time. And who doesn't like Lemon?!

The red velvet recipe is from Nigella's 'Kitchen' book. It is another fail safe recipe. The ingredients list may sound a little odd but the flavours really work and the sponge is so soft, fluffy and moist. I cannot recommend it more highly. This recipe also makes 24, which can only be a good thing! The Gorgeous Gourmet has written a good post including the recipe. Which saves me the trouble!

My small one enjoyed the spring fete immensely, not only was there cake and a new book but 3 teenagers from local schools played fantastic music on the stage with their Violins and Cello. No one clapped as heartily as my Girl, she even turned her char round to watch whilst eating cake. The highest of all accolades!

What did you do with your weekends?


  1. Oh, I do love a church fete. It celebrates everything that is good about people and communities. Good piping skills on the red velvet! My weekend...sunshine, family, NCT, garden, more sunshine! xx

    1. Thank you, I just use a 'big' nozzle and pray for the best!

  2. Love a fete! The cake stall is usually the best. Those red velvet cup cakes look yummy! My weekend... beach, picnic, family, garden, bbq, sun - just perfect!

  3. Oh this sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend. The cake recipes look so good, thank for sharing. We spent our weekend celebrating a friend's birthday and lots of outside play time.

    Hope your week is as lovely!

    1. Do try the Red Velvet, it's so easy!

  4. Oh I love a good Lemon Drizzle cake, can you share the recipe?

  5. Wow lovely looking red velvet cupcakes! I still haven't attempted anything red velvet, I really must. Our weekend was also spent baking for fun and lots of time in the garden with our baby girl! xxx

  6. i just want to dive into that table full of goodies! and yes, lemon anything is delicious. also a tip, plant your mint in a pot, not in the ground. it is invasive and will spread like crazy. keep it contained and you both will be happy. sounds like a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks for the tip Cassie. In fact as our garden is about to be ruined even further by building work I have decided to only plant in pots this year.

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