Sunday, 15 April 2012

the wind carried the rest away

We are enjoying a fabulous weekend over here, I hope you are too. One thing brightening up my weekend has been playing over at bentlily, using the instapoem button. What a lovely site! There can never be enough poetry in the world and I love the premise for the site; 'The Art of Noticing your Life'. I found it via the lovely Megg and suspect I will now be visiting often.

It was the day we laughed so hard
we made the arriculas bloom

I was seven

it was sunny

we were running like foxes

a game of skipping
happiness all balled up in our hands
shooting out of us in shrieks and bellows

I'm a kingfisher

she declared

and I decided I was too

a kind kingfisher

with nothing to do
but chase the wind

they say it whips you in the face

but this isn’t how it works
if you run hard enough
the wind bores right into you

I don’t remember anything else

except the smell of the lawn
sweet as creme brulee

the wind carried the rest away.


  1. Did you write this? It's beautiful and lovely to hear you had a good weekend. I wish I could say the same here but it's been a little trying to say the least ! :)

    1. I wish! It is a poem generator - you simply give it a few words. Sorry your weekend has been a trial Andrea.

  2. Abigail it's a fantastic poem. I must look into that website! xx

  3. How neat! I'll have to check that site out! Have a great week. :)