Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Filth and fine weather

In the interests of honesty and archiving the experience for the future, this is my kitchen at the moment....

Oh, the filth! Please note the second washing machine leak of the day...the same problem that 'A Man' came out about whilst I was pregnant and agreed there was a problem...but he didn't know what. Brilliant. Money well spent then.

The thing is, our carpets or being laid next Tuesday. I refer you to the picture above. We are panicking and cleaning and sorting and moving and chucking in equal measure. I include the builders, who are not yet finished!

By lunchtime daughter number one was truly fed up with this so we adjourned to the park. A much nicer time was had in some sunshine. It's finally here.

 Her sister took this one

 "Look Mummy, a Crocodile snapping"

 My usual view

 "I'm a Dragon"

"I'm coming to eat you!"

I hope you enjoyed the weather today - and your washing machine.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A weekend in the 'West'

This weekend we went to stay with some lovely relatives - the kind you always wonder why you don't manage to find more time to see. Their daughter is only 3 months older than our Big and they get on so well little parental supervision is needed, which instantly makes for a perfect stay!

During our stay we had a small tour of Wantage (a lot to recommend it!), re-visited the Uffington Horse for a picnic and kite flying and attended a surprise birthday party, where we met the latest addition to this side of the family - nearly a month younger than our new arrival. Perhaps most importantly my babe was able to spend some quality time on a floor and has been rolling from her back to her front and so on. How quickly life moves on.

All lovely, alas I have few pictures I can show you as the weather was rather dull for photography, I was having a good time and many, as usual, sport others who may not wish to appear on the internet!

I really do hope you all had a good weekend and thanks so much for all the comments on my last post.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Oh, Happy Day!

Anticipating a weekend spent with some lovely relatives and partaking in a surprise party
Loving that our kitchen is nearly finished
Working on emptying boxes whilst cleaning away dust and dirt
Watching my daughter and her friends scamper about together - they are growing up!
Glad that Spring is finally deciding to wake - we've had several park outings with friends
Enjoying the use of a dishwasher, oh how I have missed it!
Ordering beds, plates and a kitchen splashback
Researching holiday ideas of later this year - all ideas gratefully received

Have a very happy weekend one and all.

*Forgive me - another pj shot but I just find these two so cute when they have just woken up!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring kindness

It is so much easier to do this when spring is on its way don't you think? May you be a little bit kinder to yourself today.

*Words belonging to Buddha, found via Momastry. Picture courtesy of my local park.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Yellow Duck, Yellow Duck what can you see?

She is so used to the concrete floors and the bare plastered walls that any quiet filthy corner will do for a spot of uninterupted book reading. This, dear readers, is to be a hall, subject to plaster drying and being painted, a new light fitting and a double plug socket being fitted.

I wonder if she will remember this time in years to come? If she does I hope it is as an adventure, full of empty boxes to colonise, ever changing scenery and the ease of one bowl, fork and spoon keeping the hassle of choice to a minimum!

May you all have a quiet reading corner in your homes.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Sunday in Pictures

















7am A slow start to the day
8am Sunshine through the dust covered kitchen windows
9am Time for one more book before we head out
10am Church
11am Sustenance!
12pm Ready for some shopping
1pm Looking up there are some interesting buildings along the High Street
2pm Bits and pieces for lunch
3pm What on earth are in these boxes?! Unpacking the mounds of stuff crammed into dusty boxes
4pm Sainsbury's delivery
5pm Nappy change!
6pm Coming home from dinner out
7pm The smallest in her favourite place
8pm Some television perched in our kitchen
9pm The treat we have been sharing whilst watching
10pm Bathroom and Bedroom beckon

The aim was to take a picture an hour over a full day. I wasn't looking for excellent composition (good job!) or showcasing beauty, just a quickly and dirty look at daily life. I enjoyed the exercise and will definitely do it again.

I hope your weekend was as good as ours and that you too got to enjoy some sunshine and time outdoors.